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Hollywood APK Compiler

The Hollywood APK Compiler allows you to compile your Hollywood applets as stand-alone APK files that can be published on the Google Play Store or distributed manually. Converting a Hollywood applet into an APK file is very easy and convenient and takes just a single mouse click. It is also possible to link Hollywood plugins into the APK so that there are no external dependencies at all.

The Hollywood APK Compiler is available for Microsoft Windows and requires Hollywood and Android Studio with the Android SDK and NDK, both of which are available for free download from Google.

The Hollywood APK Compiler is available in two versions: Home Edition and Professional Edition. The table below shows a comparison of both versions:

Feature Home Edition Professional Edition
Compile Hollywood applet to APK
Link plugins to APK
Link assets to APK
Link icons to APK
No "Powered by Hollywood" splash screen
Add custom Java code to APK
Customize APK's Android manifest
Customize Gradle build script

Create project
Link plugins

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