2.1 Credits

GL Galore was written by Andreas Falkenhahn. Additional coding by Fabio Guerra, Cleyde Marlyse, and Antonio Scuri. Work on this project was started in January 2014 as a proof-of-concept demonstration of Hollywood 6.0's powerful new display adapter API which allows plugins to take over Hollywood's entire display handler and replace it with a custom driver. It was then successively expanded into a full wrapper for the OpenGL 1.1 API including some bridging functions between Hollywood and OpenGL as well as a hardware brush and double-buffer driver for all the platforms that are not supported by Hollywood's inbuilt hardware brush and double-buffer driver.

Thanks go to Frank Mariak, Mark Olsen, Hans de Ruiter, Frank Wille, Krzysztof Smiechowicz, and Sam Jordan.

If you need to contact me, you can either send an e-mail to andreas@airsoftsoftwair.de or use the contact form on http://www.hollywood-mal.com.

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