5.1 Examples

GL Galore comes with a number of examples that demonstrate certain features and should allow you to get started really quickly. Here's a list of examples that are distributed with GL Galore:

A swirling, falling tunnel of reflective slabs which fade from hue to hue. Original code by Lars Damerow
A clone of the first graphics demo for the Amiga 1000, which was written by Dale Luck and RJ Mical during a break at the 1984 CES. Original code by Jim Brooks
Cel shading
Demonstrates cel shading. Original code by Jeff Molofee
Waves move across a sea of boxes. The city swells. The walls are closing in. Original code by Jamie Zawinski
The OpenGL equivalent of "Hello World"
The classic OpenGL gears demo. Original code by Brian Paul
Gears 2
A variant of the OpenGL gears demo based on code found in the MiniGL SDK
Gears 3
The OpenGL gears demo, this time with a texture
The 3D digital rain effect, as seen in the title sequence of a popular movie. Based on code by Jamie Zawinski
Platonic solids that turn inside out and get spikey. Based on code by Marcelo F. Vianna
Demonstrates how to use multiple displays with GL Galore
Simple rotating GL triangle. Based on code by Camilla Berglund
Uses OpenGL for hardware-accelerated 2D drawing of Hollywood brushes
Renders four views of the same scene in one window. Based on code by Camilla Berglund
Demonstrates GL lights. Based on code by Mark J. Kilgard
Slinky-like creatures walk down an infinite staircase and occasionally explode! Based on code by Ed Mackey
Example of what an extreme field of view can do
Wave simulation in OpenGL. Based on code by Jakob Thomsen

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