2.5 History

    Please read the history bottom-up. Note that the history might list some
    features that were implemented in beta versions and removed later but are
    still mentioned here. This history is a log of the programmer so that he
    can look up what has been done/tried/modified. Things that were implemented
    and removed later are marked with [VOID].

    Version 1.1   (19-May-17)

    - Change: Updated documentation
    - New: Added @2x graphics for high resolutions systems on Windows and Mac OS 
    - New: Added 64-bit builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
    - New: Added Linux ARM build; note that the Raspberry Pi currently only comes with an experimental
      OpenGL driver which is disabled by default; to enable it, you need to open raspi-config, go
      to "Advanced Options", enable it and reboot
    - New: Added the following functions for polling joystick input through GLFW: glfw.JoystickPresent(),
      glfw.GetJoystickButtons(), glfw.GetJoystickAxes(), and glfw.GetJoystickName(); these can be
      useful because there are much more flexible than Hollywood's inbuilt joystick library which is
      very Amiga-centric and was mainly designed for 1980s-style joysticks
    - Fix: Cube.hws and MultiDisplays.hws didn't call CheckEvent()
    - New: Added support for Hollywood 7's new FULLSCREENSCALE mode
    - New: Added help strings for GL Galore's commands; if you have Hollywood 7, you will now get
      function help with Hollywood's IDE for Windows and you can also press F1 to open the GL Galore
      reference; note that you need to copy GLGalore.chm to the "Docs" directory of your Hollywood
      installation directory for this to work
    - Fix: glu.Build3DMipmaps(), glu.UnProject(), and gl.GetCurrentContext() were not documented
    - New: Added Unicode support if Hollywood 7 is available; you can use the new "VanillaKey" event
      handler to listen to Unicode keys
    - Fix [Amiga]: GL Galore no longer crashes when started in full screen mode and the GL context
      couldn't be initialized, e.g. because of missing drivers (reported by Redlion)
    - Change [Win32]: Flip() uses a different vertical synchronization mechanism now that prevents
      tearing on some systems
    - Fix: Plugin initialization code didn't balance the stack after it was done

    Version 1.0   (03-Jun-15)
    - First Release

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