CloseAudio -- close audio hardware (V8.0)
This function can be used to close the audio hardware. It is normally not necessary to call this command because Hollywood will automatically close the audio hardware when it no longer needs it. On AmigaOS and compatibles, however, there are situations where you might need fine-tuned control over the audio hardware, for example because another program tries to get exclusive access to the audio hardware, which means that your script has to release it first. In those situations you might want to call CloseAudio() manually. Apart from that particular situation, there is no need to call this function at all.

Note that calling CloseAudio() will not only stop all audio output but it will also free all samples because samples are usually uploaded to sound card memory when they are loaded so it is impossible to keep them in memory while the audio hardware is closed. Music and video objects, however, aren't freed by CloseAudio(), though. CloseAudio() will only stop their playback.


See OpenAudio

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