ContinueAsyncOperation -- continue an asynchronous operation (V9.0)
done, ... = ContinueAsyncOperation(id)
This function continues processing the asynchronous object specified by id. id must be set to an asynchronous operation handle created by functions which support asynchronous operations, e.g. CopyFile() or DownloadFile().

Once the asynchronous operation has finished, ContinueAsyncOperation() will free the asynchronous operation handle and return True. If ContinueAsyncOperation() returns False, the operation hasn't finished yet and you need to call ContinueAsyncOperation() again until it returns True.

If the Hollywood call that created the asynchronous operation handle returns values to the script on completion, ContinueAsyncOperation() will forward those values to your script as soon as the asynchronous operation has finished, i.e. when done becomes True. In that case, ContinueAsyncOperation() may return additional values depending on the command that created the asynchronous operation handle. For example, DownloadFile() will return the downloaded data as well as its length to the script on completion.

To abort an asynchronous operation, you can use the CancelAsyncOperation() function. See CancelAsyncOperation for details.

asynchronous operation handle obtained from a function that supports asynchronous operations
True if the operation has finished, False otherwise
optional: on completion, i.e. when done is True, all additional return values from the command that created the asynchronous operation handle
handle = CopyFile("images", "sounds", {Async = True})
Until ContinueAsyncOperation(handle) = True
The code above demonstrates how to show an animation while copying the images directory into the sounds directory.

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