DoMove -- draw a move list (V1.5)
This function draws all objects which have been added to the move list specified by id (using AddMove()) at once. This is very useful if you want to display animated graphics with different objects. If you would draw every object with DisplayBrush() your display would certainly flicker a lot. This can be prevented by updating the display with one drawing operation. DoMove() lets you realize that: You add all objects that shall be drawn to a move list (using AddMove()) and then you call DoMove() which will draw the whole move list using just a single draw operation.

Implementation of DoMove() is that it scans the move list you specify and looks what objects shall be drawn. For every object that is in the list Hollywood will check if the object is already on the screen. If it is, Hollywood will move the object to the new position. If it is not on the screen, it will be drawn on the screen. Therefore if all objects that shall be drawn are already on the screen and shall just be moved with DoMove(), all layer positions will be kept. If there are objects in the move list that are not currently on the screen, they will be drawn and will get the top most layer position assigned.

After DoMove() is finished, you should call ClearMove(). This will clear the move list you specify and you can use it again with new object positions.

This function requires enabled layers.

identifier of the move list to draw
For x = 0 To 400
AddMove(1, #BRUSH, 1, x, 0)
AddMove(1, #BRUSH, 2, x, 100)
AddMove(1, #BRUSH, 3, x, 200)
AddMove(1, #BRUSH, 4, x, 300)
The code above scrolls brushes 1 to 4 from 0 to 400. You will see no flickering because we use the move list technique.

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