DumpLayers -- print internal information about layers (V2.0)
This function prints internal information about the layers in the current BGPic to the debug device. This is mostly useful for debugging purposes. The information that is printed by DumpLayers() includes position and size information, the layer's visibility flag as well as the internal storage size of a basic Hollywood layer.

The what argument can be used to control the information that should be printed. Internally, Hollywood layers can have up to three different representations. A normal representation without any transformations, a transformed representation and a layerscale-transformed representation. The transformed representation is created by functions such as RotateLayer() and ScaleLayer() whereas the layerscale-transformed manifestation of a layer represents either the normal or the transformed layer with additional transformations added by the layer scaling engine.

The following values are currently accepted by the what argument:

Print information about the normal representation of the layer. This is the default.

Print information about the transformed representation of the layer.

Print information about the layerscale-transformed representation of the layer.

Note that even if no layerscale-transformation is currently active, level 2 always represents the physical appearance of a layer. So if you need to know details about the physical appearance of a layer, always pass 2 in the what parameter, even if no transformation are currently active.

Also note that the position and size information printed by this function is separated into the real physical position and size and the position and size as maintained by the script. The real physical position and size information is printed in brackets.

All this information, however, is probably of not much use for normal programmers. This function is mainly here for debugging purposes. If you need to query layer attributes for your script, use the GetLayerStyle() or the GetAttribute() function using the #LAYER source type. See GetLayerStyle for details. See GetAttribute for details.

You need to enable layers before you can use this function. See Layers introduction for details.

flag to control which information should be printed (see above); defaults to 0

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