EnableLineHook -- enable the line hook (V6.0)
This function can be used to enable Hollywood's line hook. The line hook is a function which is automatically called by Hollywood after every code line. It is responsible for controlling several tasks that Hollywood needs for its housekeeping, for example event handling and video playback. Thus, it is very important that the line hook gets called several times per second at least, otherwise your application will become unresponsive and video playback will stutter. Disabling the line hook for a brief period of time, however, can increase the raw performance of Hollywood's virtual machine significantly since all the code in the linehook isn't executed at all. Hence, you may want to disable it temporarily if you need to do some complex calculations as fast as possible. But make sure to enable the line hook again as soon as possible to prevent your application from becoming unresponsive.

To disable the line hook, you will have to call DisableLineHook().


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