FlushMusicBuffer -- flush buffer of dynamic music stream (V6.0)
This function is used in connection with dynamic music streams that have been initialized using CreateMusic(). These dynamic music streams need to be constantly fed with new audio data which is done by repeatedly calling FillMusicBuffer(). FlushMusicBuffer() can be used to empty all music buffers and refill them with new data. This can be useful if you need to immediately update the audio data that is being played, for example because the user has seeked the music stream to a new position. After the call to FlushMusicBuffer(), Hollywood will immediately trigger a FillMusicBuffer event so that your script gets a chance to refill the audio buffers after they have been flushed.

By default, there will always be a lag of about 1 second between the call to FillMusicBuffer() and the time you can hear the audio data on your sound device. If you call FlushMusicBuffer() first, the data can be sent to the sound device with a lower latency.

See FillMusicBuffer for details.

identifier of the music object to flush

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