ForceVideoDriver -- enforce use of specified video driver (V5.1)
This function can be used to specify the video driver all subsequent calls to OpenVideo() should use. Hollywood currently supports the following two video drivers:

Hollywood's platform independent video renderer. This is the default driver. It supports playback of the CDXL format plus all formats you have a plugin for.

This driver uses the native video system of the OS. This is currently only supported on Windows, macOS, and iOS. On Windows this driver uses the Media Foundation or DirectShow technology while on macOS and iOS it uses AV Foundation or QuickTime (on older systems).

By default, #VIDDRV_HOLLYWOOD is given priority over #VIDDRV_OS which means that Hollywood will first try to play the video using its inbuilt video renderer. Only if that does not work, will Hollywood switch to the OS native renderer. If you want to change this behaviour, use this function.

Note that this function is obsolete since Hollywood 6.0 because you can now simply use the new Loader tag with OpenVideo() and @VIDEO. The Loader equivalent for #VIDDRV_OS is native and the Loader equivalent for #VIDDRV_HOLLYWOOD is inbuilt|plugin.

desired video driver to use

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