FreeLayers -- free background picture's layers (V1.5)
This function frees all layers associated with the current background picture. You should call this command when you are finished with layers on a background picture because it releases quite some memory.

By default, FreeLayers() will free all layers but it will also draw them into the background picture. This means that there will be no visible change after you have called FreeLayers(). The layers will be gone but it will look as if they were still there because they will be drawn into the background picture. If you don't want that, set the keep parameter to False. In that case, the layers will be removed and they won't be drawn into the background. This is the same as calling RemoveLayers().

Please note: Layers will not be freed when you display a new background picture. You have to free them on your own.

You need to enable layers before you can use this function. See Layers introduction for details.

optional: whether to draw the layers into the background picture or not (defaults to True) (V4.0)

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