GetAnimFrame -- copy animation frame to brush (V3.0)
GetAnimFrame(id, frame, animid)
This function can be used to convert a single frame of an animation to a brush. The animation must have been loaded using LoadAnim() or the @ANIM preprocessor command. If you want to load a frame directly from an animation file, use LoadAnimFrame() instead. GetAnimFrame() is preferred, however, because it is faster. In the first argument, pass an identifier for the brush you want this function to create. In the second argument you have to specify which frame of the animation should be loaded, and the third argument finally specifies the identifier of the animation to use as the source.

identifier of brush to be created by this function
frame to load (ranges from 1 to number of frames); specify -1 if you want to load the last frame
identifier of the animation to use as source
LoadAnim(1, "TestAnim.anim")
GetAnimFrame(1, 15, 1)
The code above converts frame 15 of animation 1 into brush 1.

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