GetDirectoryEntry -- get entry from linked directory (V8.0)
e$ = GetDirectoryEntry(id, entry$)
This function can be used to get the entry specified by entry$ from the directory specified by id. This directory must have been opened by using the @DIRECTORY preprocessor command before.

When called from an applet or executable which has all the files in the directory specified by id linked to it, GetDirectoryEntry() will return a special handle which can then be passed to all Hollywood functions that accept a file or directory name, e.g. LoadBrush().

If this function is called when just running a script with the Hollywood interpreter, i.e. not from a stand-alone applet or executable, GetDirectoryEntry() will simply return the string that has been passed to it in entry$, which makes it possible for scripts using @DIRECTORY to behave exactly the same, no matter whether they have been compiled as applets or executables, or if they are run as scripts using the Hollywood interpreter. If they are run using the Hollywood interpreter, they will just load the data from a real file then, whereas the data will be loaded directly from the applet or executable in case GetDirectoryEntry() is called from a stand-alone applet or executable.

identifier of the directory to query
entry of the directory you want to receive
special handle to this entry that can be passed to all Hollywood functions accepting files or directories as their parameters

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