GetRandomFX -- choose a random transition effect (V4.0)
fx = GetRandomFX(objfx)
This function simply chooses a random transition effect from Hollywood's palette of transition effects. You need to specify in argument 1 whether or not the transition effect shall be applicable for objects or only for background pictures. GetRandomFX() then scans the available effects and returns a random effect for you which you can then pass to the special effects functions like DisplayBrushFX() and DisplayTransitionFX().

Normally, you do not have to use this function because you can simply pass #RANDOMEFFECT with all special effects functions. GetRandomFX() is only useful if you want to filter effects, i.e. you want to choose a random effect but not #WATER1, for example. In that case, you can call GetRandomFX() until it returns an effect that is different from the ones you don't want.

See DisplayTransitionFX for the different types of Hollywood's transition effects.

True if you want to have an object effect or False for a background picture effect
a randomly chosen transition effect
   fx = GetRandomFX(FALSE)
Until fx <> #WATER1
DisplayTransitionFX(2, fx)
The code above chooses a random background picture effect but never the #WATER1 effect. After having chosen the effect, background picture 2 is display with this effect.

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