GetSampleData -- retrieve sample's raw data (V5.0)
table, count = GetSampleData(id)
This function can be used to retrieve the raw PCM samples of the sample specified in id. The PCM samples will be returned inside a table. The format of the individual samples will be either 8-bit signed (ranging from -128 to +127) or 16-bit signed (ranging from -32768 to 32767). You can find out the sample format by querying the #ATTRTYPE of the sample using the GetAttribute() function. If the sample uses two channels (i.e. stereo), the PCM data will be returned in interleaved order, i.e. left channel sample is followed by right channel sample is followed by left channel sample, and so on.

The second return value of this function is a counter value that indicates the number of sample frames in the table. Be warned that this value does not return the actual total array elements but the number of sample frames. For stereo samples, the left and right channel samples together form a single sample frame. Thus, if you get stereo data, there will be twice as many samples in the table than indicated by count because the latter counts in sample frames instead of raw samples.

If you get large sample tables from this function, please do not forget to set these tables to Nil when you no longer need them. Otherwise you will waste great amounts of memory.

To convert a table of PCM data back into a sample, you can use the CreateSample() command.

identifier of sample to use
a table containing the raw PCM data of the specified sample
number of sample frames inside the table

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