HavePlugin -- check if a plugin is available (V6.0)
ok, loaded = HavePlugin(name$[, version, revision])
This function can be used to check if the plugin specified in name$ is currently available. In that case HavePlugin() will return True in the first return value. The second return value indicates whether the plugin has been auto-loaded at startup or not. By default, Hollywood will auto-load all plugins at startup but this behaviour can be changed either by prefixing plugin filenames with an underscore character ('_') or by using the -skipplugins console argument. If the plugin has not been loaded, you can call LoadPlugin() on it to load it manually.

HavePlugin() accepts two optional arguments that can be used to check if a certain version of the plugin is available. Note that this can only be checked if the plugin has been loaded already. If the plugin hasn't been loaded yet, HavePlugin() won't be able to check its version.

plugin to check
optional: version number to look for (defaults to 0 which means any version is acceptable)
optional: revision number to look for (defaults to 0 which means any revision is acceptable)
True if the plugin is available in the specified version
True if the plugin has already been loaded

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