1.6 Forum and mailing list

The official Hollywood forums are online at http://www.hollywood-mal.com. Feel free to stop by and talk to other Hollywood users. This is the perfect place to ask for help from other users.

Besides the forum, we also have a mailing list that was set up by Zoltan Lazar. There are many fellow Hollywood users who can help you with questions you may have about programming in Hollywood. Of course, the author of Hollywood is also present on the list and will try to help you.

The mailing list has been setup at Yahoo! Groups. You can subscribe to the list with your Yahoo! account. Just visit the group page at the following URL:


Unfortunately, the group mode is currently set to "invite only" and Yahoo! Groups does not allow the undoing of this option. Thus, you can only join if you have an invitation. Just write an e-mail to andreas@airsoftsoftwair.de and I will send you an invitation so you can join our mailing list.

Users from Germany might want to take a look at the "Hollywood User Page" maintained by Helmut Haake. It offers lots of source codes and workshops and also has a forum where you can ask your questions. Here is the link: http://www.amiga-resistance.info/homepage/hollywood/index.html

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