ModifyAnimFrames -- add or remove animation frames (V4.5)
ModifyAnimFrames(id, frames[, pos])
This function can be used to extend or shrink an existing animation. If you specify a positive value in frames, then the animation is extended by this number of frames. If you specify a negative value, the number of frames specified are removed from the animation.

The optional argument pos can be used to specify where the new frames shall be inserted or from where the frames shall be removed, respectively. If you do not specify the optional argument or set it to 0, frames are added at the end of the animation or removed from the end of the animation, respectively.

This command works only with animations buffered entirely in memory. You cannot use it for animations that are played directly from disk.

identifier of the animation to modify
number of frames to insert (if value is positive) or number of frames to remove (if value is negative)
optional: where to insert or remove frames (defaults to 0 which means insert at/remove from the end)
ModifyAnimFrames(1, -5, 1)
The code above removes the first five frames from animation number 1.

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