MoveAnim -- move an animation from a to b
MoveAnim(id, xa, ya, xb, yb[, table])
This function moves (scrolls) the animation specified by id softly from the location specified by xa,ya to the location specified by xb,yb.

Further configuration options are possible using the optional argument table. You can specify the move speed, special effect, and whether or not the move shall be asynchronous. See MoveBrush for more information on the optional table argument.

Besides the table elements mentioned in the MoveBrush() documentation, MoveAnim() accepts one additional table element named AnimSpeed: The anim speed value defines after how many draws the frame number should be increased; therefore a higher number means a lower playback speed of the animation.

It should also be mentioned that starting with Hollywood 4.5, you can specify the new #DEFAULTSPEED constant in the Speed table argument. (see MoveBrush()). If you use #DEFAULTSPEED, Hollywood will use the playback speed as defined in the animation file. Note that not all animations define such a speed but if they do, it should be respected because otherwise the playback looks wrong.

identifier of the animation to use as source
source x position
source y position
destination x position
destination y position
optional: further configuration for this move
MoveAnim(1, 100, 50, 0, 50, {Speed = 5, AnimSpeed = 4})
Moves the animation 1 from 100:50 to 0:50 with move speed 5 and anim playback speed 4.

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