1.2 Philosophy

The philosophy behind Hollywood is to offer an easy yet powerful platform which can be used to write stunning programs in a very short time. The language used to program Hollywood is very easy for the beginner but also has enough features that the experienced programmer will love. You can program Hollywood on a very simple BASIC-like level but it is also possible to dive into a fully object oriented world with Hollywood. The extensive command set with over 700 inbuilt functions provides the programmer with all the tools needed to create amazing software with Hollywood. There is almost nothing you can't do with Hollywood. On top of that, Hollywood is a cross-platform multimedia application layer, which means that you can run your programs on many different platform without changing a single line of code, and it is even possible to cross-compile executables for these platforms. For example, you can cross-compile macOS applications from your AmigaOS 3.1 installation. All this makes Hollywood the ultimate tool for the multimedia programmer and an experience in its own right!

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