5.3 Usage

Plugins will be loaded automatically by Hollywood on startup. If you do not want this, you can disable automatic loading by renaming the plugin: Plugins whose filename starts with an underscore character ('_') will not be loaded automatically by Hollywood on startup. As an alternative, you can also use the -skipplugins console argument to tell Hollywood to skip automatic loading of certain plugins. Plugins which have not been loaded at startup, can be loaded later by using the @REQUIRE preprocessor command or the LoadPlugin() function. See REQUIRE for details.

Please note that although Hollywood loads all plugins automatically on startup, many plugins require you to call @REQUIRE before they can be used. This is because these plugins need custom initialization code which is only run if you explicitly call @REQUIRE on them. For example, plugins which install a display adapter will not be activated unless you call @REQUIRE on them. Plugins which just add a loader or saver for additional file formats, however, will be automatically activated even if you don't call @REQUIRE on them.

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