11.7 Break statement

Break [(<level>)]

The Break statement can be used to exit from a loop or from the Switch statement. If you call Break inside a loop or a Switch statement, then Hollywood will exit from this control structure. An example:

For k = 1 To 100
    If IsKeyDown("ESC") = True Then Break

The above loop counts from 1 to 100 but can be aborted at any time by pressing the escape key.

Using the optional argument level, you can also finish higher loops. If you do not specify level Hollywood will assume 1 for it. This means that the nearest loop will be finished. If you use higher values for level Hollywood will traverse the loops upwards. An example:

For x = 1 To 100
    For y = 1 To 100
        DebugPrint(x, y)
        If IsKeyDown("ESC") Then Break(2)

This code uses two nested For loops and checks in the second loop if the escape key was pressed. To finish both loops, we have to use a Break(2) statement now because the normal Break would only finish the inner loop which would be started right again because there is still the outer loop.

Please note: If you specify the optional argument level it is obligatory to put parentheses around it.

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