Hollywood supports two types of comments: A newline terminated and a user terminated comment. The newline terminated comment starts if Hollywood discovers a semicolon in your code. Hollywood will ignore everything after that semicolon then and continue parsing in the next line. For example:

DebugPrint("Hello")   ; Hi I'm a newline terminated comment!

The second version needs to be terminated by the user. You start this comment with the character sequence /* and end it with a */. Because this comment is user terminated, it can run over several lines. But it can also be in the middle or at the beginning of a line. Examples:

Everything in here will be ignored by Hollywood!
DebugPrint("Hello") /* Hello I'm a comment */ DebugPrint("World")

Please comment your code! You do not have to comment every little local variable but giving functions a short description does not hurt and makes it easier for other people to understand the program.

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