11.8 Continue statement

Continue [(<level>)]

The Continue statement can be used to jump to the end of a loop structure. An example:

While i < 100
    i = i + 1
    If i > 50 Then Continue
    j = j + 1

The code above counts i from 0 to 100. The variable j is also incremented each loop but only while i is less than or equal to 50. If i is greater than 50 j will not be incremented any more. At the end of the loop i has the value of 100 and j has the value of 50.

Using the optional argument level you can also jump to the end of higher loops. If you do not specify level Hollywood will assume 1 for it which means that it will jump to the end of the nearest loop. If you use higher values for level Hollywood will traverse the loops upwards.

Please note: If you specify the optional argument level it is obligatory to put parentheses around it.

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