8.1 Overview

This chapter covers all data types that are available in Hollywood. The following five data types are offered by Hollywood:

Number    Numeric values like 1, 2, $FF, 3.5, 1.7e8, True, False, 'a'
String    Sequences of characters; usually used for text e.g. "Hello"
Table     Collections of data items of the same or different types
Function  User-callable routines
Nil       Means that a variable does not have any value

You can find out the data type of a variable by using the GetType() command. E.g.

GetType(1)            ---> returns #NUMBER
GetType(2.5)          ---> returns #NUMBER
GetType(True)         ---> returns #NUMBER
GetType('x')          ---> returns #NUMBER
GetType(#STRING)      ---> returns #NUMBER
GetType("What am I?") ---> returns #STRING
GetType({1, 2, 3})    ---> returns #TABLE
GetType(DebugPrint)   ---> returns #FUNCTION
GetType(Nil)          ---> returns #NIL

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