30.29 RGB colors

Hollywood accepts colors in the 24-bit RGB format. This means that you have 8-bit per color. RGB24 is the common format for specifying colors today, e.g. it is also used in HTML.

You will usually specify RGB colors in hexadecimal notation starting with a '$' prefix. The general syntax for a RGB color in hexadecimal notation is

RR: color intensity of red (maximum = 255 = $FF = 100% red)
GG: color intensity of green (maximum = 255 = $FF = 100% green)
BB: color intensity of blue (maximum = 255 = $FF = 100% blue)

Colors are generated by mixing the red, green and blue components together. Every color component can have a maximum of 255.

Here are some example colors:

#BLACK   = $000000  - black is just 0% of every component
#WHITE   = $FFFFFF  - white is 100% of every component
#RED     = $FF0000  - pure red is 100% of red
#GREEN   = $00FF00  - 100% of green
#BLUE    = $0000FF  - 100% of blue
#YELLOW  = $FFFF00  - yellow can be mixed with 100% of red and green
#FUCHSIA = $FF00FF  - fuchsia is 100% of red and blue
#GRAY    = $939393  - gray is a bit of everything

When Hollywood asks you for a RGB color, you can specify your individual color using hexadecimal notation or also one of the special inbuilt color constants.

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