RemoveIconImage -- remove image from icon (V8.0)
RemoveIconImage(id, idx)
This command can be used to remove a single image from the icon specified by id. The image to be removed must be specified by its index using the idx parameter. Indices start at 1 for the first image and run up to the number of images in the icon. You can query the number of images in an icon by using the #ATTRNUMENTRIES attribute with GetAttribute().

Note that the individual images inside icons are sorted by their width in ascending order. This means that the indices passed to RemoveIconImage() aren't necessarily the same as the order of images passed to functions like CreateIcon() or the @ICON preprocessor command.

Since icons must contain at least one image, it's also not allowed to remove the very last image from an icon.

To add images to icons, use the AddIconImage() function.

identifier of the icon to use
index of the image to remove (starting at 1)
RemoveIconImage(1, 1)
The code above removes the first image from icon 1.

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