RotateBrush -- rotate a brush (V1.5)
RotateBrush(id, angle[, factorx, factory, smooth])
This function rotates the brush specified by id by the specified angle (in degrees). A positive angle rotates anti-clockwise, a negative angle rotates clockwise.

Starting with Hollywood 2.5, this function can also scale the brush while rotating it (called a rot-zoom). This is done in one pass so the quality of the resulting image data is much better than if you would first call ScaleBrush() and then RotateBrush(). If you want to have the brush scaled with the rotation, simply pass two scaling factors as factorx and factory. These two factors are floating point numbers representing a zoom percentage (1 corresponds to 100%, 0.5 to 50%, 1.5 to 150% etc.)

Additionally, you can choose to have the scaled and/or rotated graphics interpolated by passing True in the smooth argument. The graphics will then be scaled/rotated using anti-alias.

Please note:

brush to rotate
rotation angle in degrees
optional: scaling factor on the x-axis (defaults to 1 which means no x scaling) (V2.5)
optional: scaling factor on the y-axis (defaults to 1 which means no y scaling) (V2.5)
optional: whether or not anti-aliased rotation shall be used (V2.5)

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