ScaleBGPic -- scale a background picture (V1.5)
ScaleBGPic(id, width, height[, smooth])
This function scales the background picture specified by id to the specified width and height. You cannot use this function with the background picture that is currently displayed. If you want to change the size of this picture, you will have to change the display size using ChangeDisplaySize().

Hollywood keeps the original picture of every background picture so that you do not have to do that. Every scaling done with ScaleBGPic() is made with the original picture and not with a scaled versions (in contrast to ScaleBrush()). The original picture will only be deleted if you modify the background picture's contents using SelectBGPic().

New in V2.0: You can pass #KEEPASPRAT as either width or height. Hollywood will calculate the size then automatically by taking the aspect-ratio of the background picture into account.

Starting with Hollywood 2.0, width and height can also be a string containing a percent specification, e.g. "50%".

Starting with Hollywood 2.5 you can choose to have the scaled graphics interpolated by passing True in the smooth argument. The graphics will then be scaled using anti-alias.

background picture to scale
new width for the background picture
new height for the background picture
optional: whether or not anti-aliased scaling shall be used (V2.5)

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