SeekLayer -- seek to a certain position in a video layer (V6.0)
SeekLayer(id, pos)
You can use this function to seek to the specified position in the video layer specified by id. The video layer does not have to be playing. If the video layer is playing and you call SeekLayer(), it will immediately skip to the specified position. The position is specified in milliseconds. Thus, if you want to skip to the position 3:24, you would have to pass the value 204000 because 3 * 60 * 1000 + 24 * 1000 = 204000.

Please note that video seeking is a complex operation. There are video formats which do not have any position lookup tables so that Hollywood first has to approximate the seeking position and then do some fine- tuning and keyframe seeking so that the final position can always be a bit off from the position you specified in SeekLayer(). It can also happen that Hollywood will not seek directly to a keyframe so there might be artefacts from previous frames left on the screen.

You need to enable layers before you can use this function. See Layers introduction for details.

identifier or name of the video layer to seek
new position for the video (in milliseconds)

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