SendMessage -- send message to a message port (V5.0)
SendMessage(port$, cmd$[, ...])
This function sends the command specified in cmd$ to the message port specified in port$. The command specified in cmd$ must not contain any space characters. Additionally, you can send an unlimited number of arguments to the message port. Just pass them as optional arguments after the command name. The optional arguments must be passed as strings.

The port specified in port$ must have been created previously by a call to CreatePort(). Please remember that port names are case sensitive, i.e. "MYPORT" and "myport" denote two different message ports. For style guide reasons, port names are usually in upper case only.

The message will be sent to the specified message port in form of a OnUserMessage event that will be forwarded to the callback you specified when installing this event handler using InstallEventHandler().

name of the port you want to address
the command(s) you want to send to that port
optional: additional string arguments to send to the port
See CreatePort

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