SetAlphaIntensity -- define intensity for alpha rendering (V2.0)
This function allows you to specify the level of transparency all graphics functions shall use when they render into a brush's alpha channel (when SelectAlphaChannel() is active). The transparency level must be in the range of 0 to 255, where 0 means 100% transparency and 255 means no transparency. The intensity you specify here will be used by all graphics functions of Hollywood instead of a color. The default alpha intensity is 128.

Level can also be a string containing a percent specification, e.g. "50%".

Please note that this is just the other way round from SetLayerTransparency() where 0 means no transparency and 255 means full transparency.

See SelectAlphaChannel for more information on alpha channels in general.

New in V2.5: You can also specify the special constant #VANILLACOPY as the level argument. If you do this, Hollywood will enable the new vanilla copy mode. This means that all graphics commands which render alpha channel pixels will copy these pixels directly to your brush's alpha channel. For instance, if you select an alpha channel of a brush and then use TextOut() to draw anti-aliased text, Hollywood will render the exact alpha channel data of the anti-aliased text to your brush's alpha channel where you can process it further. If #VANILLACOPY is active and you draw graphics to the alpha channel that do not have any alpha data, Hollywood will write an alpha intensity of 255 (i.e. fully visible) into your alpha channel.

desired transparency level (0 to 255 or percent specification) or: special constant #VANILLACOPY for special vanilla copy mode (V2.5)
See SelectAlphaChannel

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