SetClipRegion -- activate a clip region (V2.0)
This function installs a clip region that has been previously created using the CreateClipRegion() command. The clip region will be active until you call SetClipRegion() with the special value #NONE - this will remove the clip region then. Hollywood will automatically kill the clip region if you display a new background picture.

If a clip region is installed, this will also affect Hollywood's special coordinate constants, e.g. #RIGHT means the right-side of the clip region then. Margin settings will also be adapted.

You can also install a clip region while SelectBrush() is active. This clip region will then be deactivated when EndSelect() is called.

If you have a clip region installed on your main display and call one of the off-screen rendering functions (e.g. SelectBrush()), the clip region will be temporarily disabled but restored when you call EndSelect().

If layers are active, every layer can have its private clip region. In case the layer is transformed (scaled or rotated), its clip region will also be transformed. The default clip region of a layer is the clip region that was active when the layer was created. You can change the clip region of a layer by using the style element ClipRegion of the SetLayerStyle() command.

Exceptions. You cannot use SetClipRegion() if...

See CreateClipRegion for details.

identifier of the clip region to install; use CreateClipRegion() to create clip regions
CreateClipRegion(1, #BOX, #CENTER, #CENTER, 320, 240)
Circle(0, 0, 100, #RED)
Circle(439, 0, 100, #RED)
Circle(439, 279, 100, #RED)
Circle(0, 279, 100, #RED)
Installs a clip region of size 320x240 in the center of a 640x480 display and draws four circles in all corners. However, only parts of the circles will be visible because of the clip region.

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