SetFPSLimit -- limit frames per second (V1.5)
This function restricts the number of frames per second of certain Hollywood commands which call VWait(). These commands are: PlayAnim(), MoveBrush() etc., DisplayTransitionFX() etc., and Flip(). Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to use this command because Hollywood automatically restricts the drawing speed internally. By default, the commands listed above will never draw more frames per second than the monitor refreshes. You can disable this behaviour with this command but this is not suggested (unless you really know what you are doing).

The best thing is to use the default video synchronizer of Hollywood will should give you the smoothest graphics. Use this command with care or better not at all.

If you pass 0 in fps, the default video synchronizer will be restored.

maximum allowed number of frames per second or 0 to bring back Hollywood's default video synchronizer

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