SetStandardIconImage -- set icon's standard image (V8.0)
SetStandardIconImage(id, idx)
This command can be used to set the standard image of the icon specified by id. The image to be made the standard one must be specified by its index using the idx parameter. Indices start at 1 for the first image and run up to the number of images in the icon. You can query the number of images in an icon by using the #ATTRNUMENTRIES attribute with GetAttribute().

Note that the individual images inside icons are sorted by their width in ascending order. This means that the indices passed to SetStandardIconImage() aren't necessarily the same as the order of images passed to functions like CreateIcon() or the @ICON preprocessor command.

Setting an image inside the icon as the standard one can be important in some contexts so that Hollywood knows which image to pick for higher resolutions, e.g. if you designate a 64x64 image inside an icon as the standard size, Hollywood knows to pick the 128x128 image in case the monitor's resolution uses a DPI setting that is twice as high as the normal setting. Obviously, there can be only one standard image inside every icon, so making one image the standard one will automatically clear the standard flag for any image that was the standard one before. To make no image the standard one, pass 0 in idx.

identifier of the icon to use
index of the image to remove (starting at 1)
SetStandardIconImage(1, 1)
The code above makes the first image 1 in icon 1 the standard one.

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