SetWBIcon -- change Hollywood's iconify icon (V4.5)
SetWBIcon(icon$[, ...])
AmigaOS and compatibles only

This function can be used to specify your custom icon that Hollywood shall show on the Workbench when it is in iconified state. You must specify an icon file here that is in the *.info format. All icons that the currently installed Workbench can read are supported. Thus, if you are on MorphOS or are using an appropriate patch, you could also use PNG icons here.

For best compatibility, however, you should stick to standard icons in the GlowIcon format.

The following special constants can be passed to icon$:

Pass this if you do not want Hollywood to add an appicon to the Workbench when it is iconified. (V5.2)

Show the app icon. This is useful if you want your app icon to be permanently shown on Workbench screen and not only when your program is iconified. (V6.1)

Hide the app icon. (V6.1)

Set text to show below the app icon. This defaults to what you specified in the @APPTITLE preprocessor command. The text to show needs to be passed as the second argument. (V6.1)

Change position of the app icon. You have to pass two additional arguments specifying the new x and y position of the app icon. If you omit the two additional arguments, the app icon's position will be reset to the position stored in the *.info file. (V6.1)

Note that you might need to call SetWBIcon() several times in order to achieve the desired effect. For example, if you'd like to change the app icon and show it permanently, you first have to call SetWBIcon() to set the *.info file to show and then you have to call SetWBIcon() again and pass #AMIGAICON_SHOW to permanently show your app icon.

icon file to use when iconified or a special constant (see above)
additional arguments depending on the special constant passed (see above)
This code uses the program's icon as its default WB icon.

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