ShowRinghioMessage -- show a Ringhio notification (V6.0)
ShowRinghioMessage(title$, text$[, table])
AmigaOS 4 only

This function can be used to show a notification through AmigaOS 4's Ringhio system. You need to pass a title for the notification in the first argument and the actual text in the second argument.

The optional table argument can be used to specify additional parameters for the way the Ringhio notification should be handled. The following tags are accepted here:

This tag can be used to specify the name of the public screen the notification should appear on.

This tag can be used to specify the path to an image file that should be displayed inside the Ringhio notification. For the best results, you should use only PNG images with alpha channel here.

If you set this tag to True, the Ringhio notification window can be closed by double-clicking on it. In that case a message will be sent to your application containing the string you specify in the DoubleClickMessage tag (see below).

If the user double-clicks the Ringhio notification window in order to close it, the string you specify here will be sent to your application using the OnApplicationMessage event handler. This tag is only supported if you have also set the DoubleClickClose tag to True (see above). If the string specified here has the following format "URL:" the Ringhio server will not send a message back to your application but it will automatically show the specified URL in the default browser if the user double-clicks on the notification window.

Please note that this function can only be used if you have set the RegisterApplication tag in @OPTIONS to True. See OPTIONS for details.

title for the Ringhio notification
text to show in the Ringhio notification
optional: table containing further parameters (see above)

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