StartPath -- begin a new path (V5.0)
[id] = StartPath(id)
This command can be used to create a new path object that will be made available under the identifier id. Alternatively, you can pass Nil as id. In that case, StartPath() will automatically select a vacant identifier and return it to you.

Once the new path is created, you should first define a current point for the path by calling the MoveTo() command. After that, you can start adding vertices to the path.

A vector path is a root object for an infinite number of sub-paths. You can think of a vector path as a collection of an infinite number of separate polygons. Each sub-path within a vector path can be regarded as a separate polygon. Keep in mind, though, that when you draw a vector path using DrawPath() you can only specify a global color that will be used by all sub-paths within the vector path. Thus, it is not possible to use different colors within a single path object. If you need to use another color, you need to create a new path object first.

identifier for the new path or Nil for auto id selection
optional: identifier of the new path; this will only be returned when you pass Nil as argument 1 (see above)
See DrawPath

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