WaitKeyDown -- wait for the user to press a key (V1.5)
WaitKeyDown(key$[, rawkey])
This function halts the program flow until the user presses the key specified by key$. See IsKeyDown for the keys you can specify in key$. Please note that WaitKeyDown() cannot be used for Unicode characters. Only characters from the English alphabet are universally supported.

Starting with Hollywood 6.1 you can pass the special string ANY in key$ to wait for an arbitrary key to be pressed.

Starting with Hollywood 7.1 there is an optional argument rawkey. If this argument is set to True, WaitKeyDown() will treat key$ as a raw key and wait until it is down. In that case, key$ must be one of the raw keys defined by Hollywood. See Raw keys for details. The difference between normal keys and raw keys is described in the documentation of the OnRawKeyDown event handler. See InstallEventHandler for details. Setting rawkey to True can be useful if you need to wait for a modifier key like shift, alt, control, etc.

key to wait for
optional: True if key$ should be treated as a raw key (defaults to False) (V7.1)
Print("Press Return to continue.")
The code aboves waits until the user presses the return key.

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