WriteInt -- write an integer to a file (V2.0)
WriteInt(id, int[, le])
This function writes a signed integer to the file specified by id at the current file cursor position which you can modify by using the Seek() command. An integer will use 4 bytes of disk space.

The value to be written to the file can range from -2147483648 to 2147483647. If you need to store larger values, you should use the WriteFloat() command which uses 64-bit values which are enough for almost everything.

By default, this function stores the value in big endian format (most significant byte first). Starting with Hollywood 6.0 you can use the optional argument le to explicitly request this function to use the little endian format instead.

file to write to
integer value to write to the file
optional: True to write bytes in little endian order, False for big endian order (defaults to False) (V6.0)

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