APPVERSION -- declare application version (V2.0)
@APPVERSION version$
This preprocessor command simply allows you to include a string containing the script's version into the application. This command does not have any actual function. It just takes the specified string and saves it in the applet/executable.

Under AmigaOS, the version specified here is used as the information text of the commodity that is added to Exchange.

script version
@APPTITLE "Run-away Randy"
@APPAUTHOR "Andreas Falkenhahn"
@APPCOPYRIGHT "(C) Copyright 2002-2005 by Airsoft Softwair."
@APPVERSION "$VER: Run-away Randy 1.0 (23-Dec-05)"
@APPDESCRIPTION "A really cool jump'n'run game done with Hollywood."
@APPIDENTIFIER "com.airsoftsoftwair.runawayrandy"
This is what a complete application information sector looks like. Hollywood will save all this information in the applet/executable. When the user enter "Version Run-away-Randy.exe", the version string "$VER: Run-away Randy 1.0 (23-Dec-05)" will be returned.

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