FONT -- preload a font for later use (V4.5)
@FONT id, fontname$, size[, table]
This preprocessor command preloads the font specified by fontname$ in the desired size (in pixels) and assigns the identifier id to it. You can then activate the font from your script by calling UseFont().

The font specified in fontname$ must adhere to the font specification. See Font specification for details.

See OpenFont for more information on fonts in Hollywood.

Using @FONT is convenient if you want to have all fonts used by your scripts linked to your applet/executable. By default, all fonts specified using @FONT are linked to your applet/executable. You can change this behaviour by setting Link to False in the optional table argument.

The fourth argument is optional. It is a table that can be used to set further options for the loading operation. This table accepts all tags supported by the optional table of the SetFont() command as well as the following tags:

Set this field to False if you do not want to have this font linked to your executable/applet when you compile your script. This field defaults to True which means that the font is linked to your to your executable/applet when Hollywood is in compile mode.

If you want to open fonts manually, please use the OpenFont() command.

Important note: Please note that most fonts are copyrighted and it is not allowed to link them into your programs without acquiring a licence. So make sure you check the licence of the font you are going to link into your program! If you do not want to pay for font licences, it is advised to use a free font such as DejaVu or Bitstream Vera or use one of the TrueType fonts that are inbuilt into Hollywood (#SANS, #SERIF, #MONOSPACE, cf. SetFont())

See Working with fonts for more information on using fonts in a platform-independent manner.

a value that is used to identify this font later in the code
the font you want to open
desired font size in pixels
optional argument specifying further options
@FONT 1, "Arial", 36
Opens font Arial in size 36 and makes it available under id 1.

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