2.2 Frequently asked questions

This section covers some frequently asked questions. Please read them first before asking on the forum because your problem might have been covered here.

Q: Why is there no AROS version of hURL?

A: AmiSSL v4, which is required by hURL, is not available for AROS yet which is why hURL currently can't be ported to AROS.

Q: Why is hURL slow on MorphOS?

A: AmiSSL v4 is currently not available in a PPC native version for MorphOS which means that you must use the 68k version of AmiSSL v4 if you want to use hURL on MorphOS. This explains why hURL might be slower on MorphOS than on AmigaOS 4 because AmiSSL v4 is available in a PPC native version for AmigaOS 4 but not for MorphOS.

Q: Is there a Hollywood forum where I can get in touch with other users?

A: Yes, please check out the "Community" section of the official Hollywood Portal online at http://www.hollywood-mal.com.

Q: Where can I ask for help?

A: There's an active forum at http://forums.hollywood-mal.com. You're welcome to join it and ask your question there.

Q: I have found a bug.

A: Please post about it in the "Bugs" section of the forum.

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