1.4 Installation

Installing hURL is straightforward and simple: Just copy the file hurl.hwp for the platform of your choice to Hollywood's plugins directory. On all systems except on AmigaOS and compatibles, plugins must be stored in a directory named Plugins that is in the same directory as the main Hollywood program. On AmigaOS and compatible systems, plugins must be installed to LIBS:Hollywood instead. On macOS, the Plugins directory must be inside the Resources directory of the application bundle, i.e. inside the HollywoodInterpreter.app/Contents/Resources directory. Note that HollywoodInterpreter.app is stored inside the Hollywood.app application bundle itself, namely in Hollywood.app/Contents/Resources.

Afterwards merge the contents of the Examples folder with the Examples folder that is part of your Hollywood installation. All hURL examples will then appear in Hollywood's GUI and you can launch and view them conveniently from the Hollywood GUI or IDE.

On Windows you should also copy the file hURL.chm to the Docs directory of your Hollywood installation. Then you will be able to get online help by pressing F1 when the cursor is over a hURL function in the Hollywood IDE.

On Linux and macOS copy the hURL directory that is inside the Docs directory of the hURL distribution archive to the Docs directory of your Hollywood installation. Note that on macOS the Docs directory is within the Hollywood.app application bundle, i.e. in Hollywood.app/Contents/Resources/Docs.

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