3.1 Overview

There are two different ways of using hURL: You can either access the curl API directly through a low-level interface or you can use hURL's high-level interface which maps some of curl's features to standard Hollywood functions.

Using the high-level interface is really easy and extends Hollywood functions like DownloadFile() or UploadFile() to operate through curl, enabling them to use SSL/TLS for example. If you just want to download or upload files from/to HTTP(S) and you don't need any fine-tuned control over how the transfer is done, the high-level interface is the way to go for you.

The low-level interface, i.e. accessing curl's API directly, is useful if you need more fine-tuned control over the transfer. The low-level interface allows you to configure all kinds of options in hURL and makes it possible to access all of curl's advanced features, allowing you to meticulously take control over how transfers are managed.

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