easy:SetOpt_Proxy_SSL_VerifyHost -- verify the proxy certificate's name against host
Pass a value set to 2 as asking curl to verify in the HTTPS proxy's certificate name fields against the proxy name.

This option determines whether libcurl verifies that the proxy cert contains the correct name for the name it is known as.

When #CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYHOST is 2, the proxy certificate must indicate that the server is the proxy to which you meant to connect to, or the connection fails.

Curl considers the proxy the intended one when the Common Name field or a Subject Alternate Name field in the certificate matches the host name in the proxy string which you told curl to use.

When the verify value is 1, easy:SetOpt() will return an error and the option value will not be changed due to old legacy reasons.

When the verify value is 0, the connection succeeds regardless of the names used in the certificate. Use that ability with caution!

See also #CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYPEER to verify the digital signature of the proxy certificate. If libcurl is built against NSS and #CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYPEER is zero, #CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYHOST is also set to zero and cannot be overridden.

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