easy:SetOpt_Range -- set byte range to request
Pass a string as parameter, which should contain the specified range you want to retrieve. It should be in the format "X-Y", where either X or Y may be left out and X and Y are byte indexes.

HTTP transfers also support several intervals, separated with commas as in "X-Y,N-M". Using this kind of multiple intervals will cause the HTTP server to send the response document in pieces (using standard MIME separation techniques). Unfortunately, the HTTP standard (RFC 7233 section 3.1) allows servers to ignore range requests so even when you set #CURLOPT_RANGE for a request, you may end up getting the full response sent back.

For RTSP, the formatting of a range should follow RFC2326 Section 12.29. For RTSP, byte ranges are not permitted. Instead, ranges should be given in npt, utc, or smpte formats.

Pass a Nil to this option to disable the use of ranges.

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