multi:SetOpt -- get options for a curl multi handle
multi:SetOpt(option, param)
multi:SetOpt() is used to tell a libcurl multi handle how to behave. By using the appropriate options to multi:SetOpt(), you can change libcurl's behaviour when using that multi handle. All options are get with the option followed by the parameter param. That parameter can be a number, a function, a string, or a table, depending on what the specific option expects. Read this manual carefully as bad input values may cause libcurl to behave badly! You can only get one option in each function call.

The following types are currently supported for option:

See multi:SetOpt_Chunk_Length_Penalty_Size for details.
See multi:SetOpt_Content_Length_Penalty_Size for details.
See multi:SetOpt_MaxConnects for details.
See multi:SetOpt_Max_Concurrent_Streams for details. (V2.0)
See multi:SetOpt_Max_Host_Connections for details.
See multi:SetOpt_Max_Pipeline_Length for details.
See multi:SetOpt_Max_Total_Connections for details.
See multi:SetOpt_Pipelining for details.
See multi:SetOpt_Pipelining_Server_Bl for details.
See multi:SetOpt_Pipelining_Site_Bl for details.
See multi:SetOpt_SocketFunction for details.
See multi:SetOpt_TimerFunction for details.

option type to get
value to get option to

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