3.8 Cycle chain

One of the big advantages of MUI is that it also offers powerful features to control your GUI via keyboard. For this purpose you should setup a keyboard cycle chain for all your windows. Whenever the user presses the TAB key then, the next MUI object in the keyboard cycle chain gets activated.

All you have to do to add a MUI object to the keyboard cycle chain is setting its Area.CycleChain attribute to True. For example, to add a listview to the keyboard cycle chain, just do the following in your XML declaration:

<listview cyclechain="true">

Objects of type Button class do not need to be added to the keyboard cycle chain explicitly. As a convenience feature, MUI Royale will add all buttons to the keyboard cycle chain automatically. If you do not want this, you have to set Area.CycleChain to False for all your buttons, although there is really no sound reason for doing that.

Please make sure that you always add all your MUI objects to the keyboard cycle chain because this makes your GUI much more attractive for keyboard-only users.

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